SMEs And The War For Talent

By on October 19, 2015 in

Small Is Beautiful
Absence of talent features higher in surveys of Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) owners with regards to their biggest limitations to growth, than shortage of working capital. Start ups and small to medium sized businesses rarely have the full time human or technology resources available to address this and at the same time, have to compete with larger firms and their compensation structures. While larger organisations can use their brand and benefits to woo talent, smaller firms have to draw on other attributes to appeal to the hearts and minds of the candidate pool. The first step is to make sure that the target employee is suited to working in a small firm environment. Few candidates with long histories in large firms, cut it in smaller enterprises. The dynamics of both environments are completely different by design. Small firms usually have less bureaucracy and demand more flexibility. Relationships are typically far more personal and roles by necessity have considerably more bandwidth than they do in larger organisations at a similar level.

Accuracy Matter More
Notwithstanding the absence of recruitment support that smaller businesses have to live with, arguably their need for accuracy in recruitment is even greater than a larger firm. Hiring poorly, whether for reason of fit or ability in a small business has far greater ripples for the firm and its people. Truly understanding the organisation’s culture, having a detailed needs analysis of the role and ensuring the hiring manager is supported by confident colleagues is an essential starting platform. And if a mistake is made, move fast to correct it.


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