8 Predictions For Executive Hiring in 2021

Creating competitive advantage by improving executive hiring

The challenges faced by your leadership team in rebuilding culture, growing engagement and leveraging digital transformation are unprecedented. Much has changed forever, including the profile of executive or professional specialists you will hire in 2021. There is absolutely no room for error in executive selection. These are our 8 predictions for firms hiring in to key roles this year:

1. Assess new hires specifically for their openness to change and curiosity towards improving methods of working and their learning. Recruiting a skill set for the role as it stands today is not enough. Your new leaders and specialists must be able to adapt on the move. They should look for change not just be comfortable with it.

2. Your critical roles will not be adequately filled through talent floating on the surface. Reluctance to change organisations will be a feature for top candidates in 2021. So the real expertise and capability high performance organisations seek, will require deep research to identify and assess.

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