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Top Down Distruption Edited

There is Disruption

It is scarcely believable. It is almost impossible to process. Where do you begin to make any sense of it? 

Like you I am sure, last Christmas when I began to think about the year ahead, I had great plans. A new business to take in under my practice area at HRM. I had just recently moved to a new house. I looked forward to months of tasks and tweaks lined up to build the perfect home. And I was due to get married in April. 

The scale and bandwidth of disruption caused by this pandemic is extraordinary. From the almost irrelevant observation that crowd scenes in television programmes feel wrong to me, to the haunting threat posed to the survival of many household name businesses. And then, there is the awful scale of personal tragedy and loss visited on so many.

Our experiences shape us. But they do not define us. They provide a platform to reflect and adapt. We talk in HRM a lot about Purpose. If we are not adding real and unique value to a customer then what purpose do we stand for? There is a Mark Twain quote I have always liked, “the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Understanding this is what makes us authentic and distinctive. Our purpose now is to be disruptive in support of an untold array of talent related challenges facing our customers. 

In his article Providing Certainty in Uncertain Times, my colleague Ciaran McCaughey wrote about the decision support programme we developed to enable customer decision making around Business Critical Hiring. We identified our customers primary, market related concerns and based on our Professional Search product, we built in additional assessment stages, developed new talent engagement techniques, extended warranty periods and being mindful of the economic challenge all businesses now face, we reduced and capped our service fees. 

Ciaran also wrote about the speed at which our own business continuity plan kicked in. We arrived into our offices in the morning and went home with tech packs. While we now all use new technology and work with different processes, this is not what drives disruption in our organisation. Disrupting our business means finding a better way to service customers, to help meet their “now” as well as their “next” challenges. Disruption means building unique new solutions and breaking old ones, ensuring customers recruit the best talent through greater resource collaboration. 

Following feedback from customers, our advisory team has now introduced Unbundled Solutions. This is a truly innovative adaptable solution set, built around current customer capability and enabling their own talent acquisition resources. We have taken our nine stage search process and unbundled it into component services, so customers can draw à la carte on just what they need, blending these with their own in house capability. We deliver Talent Maps for roles that are essential to business continuity or key to current internal developments. We develop competency based interviews and provide online interview and psychometric assessment services for customers, whose normal interview processes cannot be met due to current travel restrictions.  

Curiosity is one of our values and the most interesting challenges to us all in HRM, are those faced by customers for which solutions have not yet been developed. In these terribly disruptive times for us all, our purpose at HRM is to be extremely disruptive in support of all our customers. Stay safe and stay well.


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