Employee Engagement 2015

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How easy do you find it to bring discerning talent into your organisation? Is employee turnover consistently acceptable across all functions in your firm? Who leads engagement in your organisation, Line Managers or Human Resources?

Employee Engagement has long since moved from being about an annual survey to becoming a central talent philosophy embraced and acted upon by all leaders and supervisors in an organisation. Or at least it should have. A recent Bain & Co. report highlights the extraordinary performance advantage that true engagement delivers and how wrong some employers get it.

The 2014/2015 HRM Recruit – Employee Engagement Report brings insight into the primary engagement drivers of over 13,000 professionals in Ireland across 12 functional areas. We look at and weight the factors that have most impact and highlight those, that for some functions, do not give the engagement advantage one might have expected.

The results of this survey are throughout 26 counties of Ireland. Parsed survey results by region are available through relevant HRM Recruit offices in Dublin, Cork or Galway. While the report gives the three most and the three least influential factors under each Employee Engagement heading, further analysis and data outside of the top and bottom three are available through each HRM Recruit selection team.

Knowledge is our differentiator at HRM Recruit and we hope the information in this report helps your organisation gain its own competitive edge.


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