Where HR and Line Managers Just Do Not Agree

By on March 7, 2016 in

HR is a strategic enabler of truly effective organisations but is not responsible for HR process implementation. Much in the way a CFO delivers financial strategy but Line Managers are expected to manage their own budgets. The gap between HR and Line Manager perception on where ownership for HR policy enactment sits, is now the biggest cause of performance leakage that organisations face.

The 2016 HRM Report – Why HR and Line Managers Look in Different Directions provides insight into the relationship between Line Managers, HR jobs and HR practices amongst over 4,300 line managers across all functions, including senior leaders of large HR functions.

Only 33% of Line Managers describe the HR functions in their organisations as being effective but how much of this is as a result of Line Managers not taking responsibility for implementing HR processes?  To that end, how many CEO’s hold their Line Managers as accountable for their HR effectiveness as they do their fiscal management?

The survey was designed to evaluate line management perception of the importance of HR generally and of the effectiveness of HR in their organisations. The result is a unique piece of research which examines the areas of talent management that are most likely to break down where HR is neither fully devolved nor strategically enabled.

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