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Whether recruiting for ourselves or a client, we seek out the best talent from sector or professional function. We work closely with colleagues to understand how our people and culture should develop. We invest significantly in learning & development and the working environment. Colleagues engage in HRM's programmes on Diversity, Physical and Mental Fitness and Environmental and Social Impact, along with many operational functions of our organisation. In addition to their client work, we ask employees to participate in process or cultural development teams. We give everyone the opportunity to influence and shape the future of their workplace. 

At HRM, our people come from a variety of different backgrounds and levels of experience. We want to give our employees the tools to succeed and the knowledge and structure of a clearly defined career path. Read our consultants stories on how they found their way to HRM and why those in search of a new career, find that career in search. 

  • Physical and mental fitness at HRM 

    It feels as if the world is a more demanding place than ever before. Our Physical and Mental Fitness (PMF) programme understands the mind and body connection of wellness. HRM's PMF Team have developed 30 separate initiatives designed to help reduce stress, grow resilience and enjoy the benefits that a healthy lifestyle creates. Sometimes it’s the simplest initiatives like our lending library or walking meetings that make a difference. For others its board games at lunch time or gym memberships, the chance to learn a new language or taking time in the breakout room. We organise small and large events including sleep workshops, financial management seminars and nutrition presentations. We provide annual health screening, your fresh seven a day and annual flu jabs. However big or small the need, there is something for everyone to engage with. All new starts are assigned a buddy to help them navigate the business quickly, know who to approach for what and to make sure onboarding is a smooth process.

  • environmental and social impact at hrm

    Managing our impact on the external environment is no one person's responsibility at HRM, we encourage all employees to engage in volunteerism and environmental awareness initiatives. Each year we embrace four quarterly projects, borne from ideas within the business and led by internal sponsors to impact our community in a postive way. We choose six additional charity initiatives to support at different points throughout the year and in various ways. We encourage and invest in programmes that help us to remember how fortunate we can be compared to others and how to leave our environment in a better place following our interaction with it.

  • Diversity at hrm

    We know that the most valuable and competitive organisations are  those that demonstrate total commitment to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). Not only are we fully committed to D&I and practice what we preach in terms of our own employees, we also work closely with clients to deliver comprehensive and diverse shortlists that fully reflect society. D&I is not about image, it is about how a firm harnesses the strength of all employees to maximise talent engagement and success. Businesses that truly embrace D&I attract the best thinkers and the most capable doers, because they demonstrate clear, empathetic and trust-based leadership.

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Meet The team

  • Michael O’Leary is Chief Executive of HRM and founded the business in 1992. In addition to his leadership role, Michael supports senior executive searches and manages the advisory solutions business at HRM.

  • Paul O’Donnell is Director of Operations and Delivery, leading selection teams in Dublin, Cork and Galway. A member of the Board of Management, Paul oversees all operational activity including people, performance, change and culture.

  • Brian Hussey is Head of Finance and Information and a member of the Board of Management. Brian is responsible for the continuous development of analytics and dataflows to other leaders to support data based decision making, ultimately driving customer experience value.

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    Arlene Moran

    Director - Corporate & Professional Services Practice


    Shane Browne is Director of Science and Engineering TA solutions with HRM and leads service delivery from teams in all three of our offices. A member of the Board of Management, Shane delivers board and senior function level executive searches for indigenous and multi-national clients.

    Shane Browne

    Director - Life Sciences & Engineering Technology Practice

  • Ciaran is a great example of HRM’s career fast track programme and currently leads our Supply Chain Selection team. Operating as part of the HRM Leadership he demonstrates continual support for his peers and represents collegiality daily.


    Paul Lanigan heads up HRM’s contract and interim services, driving fast, responsive and accurate solutions through HRM’s two practices, meeting urgent and agile customer needs. Paul also delivers Financial Executive Search programmes for customers.

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