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While we devote significant resources to product, system and process development, People are our differentiator. We recruit professionals with recruitment industry experience as well as new entrant talent whose prior training and experience is in the functional area for which they will be recruiting. Below you can search for open requirements within HRM by location, view the career path model offered and search all open vacancies.

Job Locations


New hires to our business enter at Associate Level or for experience recruiters, the level to which their experience best aligns. More senior leaders can be based at any location, whether leading in region or nationally. All employees are encouraged to work for a day or two at other locations, to help build relationships. We provide extensive onboarding and learning support for employees at all levels of experience. 

Associate Consultant to Consultant

New employees in our practices generally start at Associate Consultant Level, rising to Consultant during a six to twelve-month period. At Associate Level our priority is developing fit with organisation performance culture and training in early consultant skills. New entrants typically join HRM having spent a couple of years performing the roles for which they will be recruiting for client firms.

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Partner or Director

Directors set national selection strategy for their area, lead a national selection team and sit on the company’s Board of Management. Employees at this level are directly involved in the development of strategic initiatives designed to grow services and service experience. Directors lead out on major customer accounts, deliver executive search to board level and sponsor a range of internal cultural development programmes.  

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Principal or Associate Director

Possessing significant selection experience, Principals (customer relationship specialist stream) and Associate Directors (people leadership stream) are true experts in their selection areas. Working on retained and contract solutions, this level of employee brings significant added value to customers working in an advisory capacity. They sit on the company leadership team, managing customer relationships (Prinicpal) or selection teams (AD), influencing and shaping the future of the business. Entrants are promoted from within or appointed as experienced professionals from a premium firm, recruited to develop an existing service or launch a new business service. 

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Senior Consultant to Leader or Associate Principal

Senior Consultants have developed a high level of sector expertise and personal autonomy. Those interested in people management coach a new entrant to the business. As Senior Consultants grow, they move to multiple service stream delivery. Promotion is in one of two paths; a people leadership stream or a customer relationship stream - leading out on client meetings and undertaking more complex assignments. Entrants are promoted from within or appointed as experienced professionals from a premium firm. We provide annual training programmes to support personal leadership competency development.

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Support Functions

The Support Function at HRM is a collection of focussed teams that deliver premium support to internal and external customers. While teams are organised around specific clusters of work including Research, Communictions, Data, Systems and Finance, they more commonly work in cross company project teams. Functions work in close collaboration with HRM’s consulting practices to ensure strong operational performance and stakeholder experiences. 

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