Our Process

Our Process

Truly effective Leadership Search requires deep understanding of the need and an ambitious research based solution, combined with sensitive and structured management of a complex engagement process.


Knowledge is power in Executive Search and we combine ours with a deep understanding of your need through our Detailed Needs Analysis process. We work to understand the role and person specification and how these are impacted by your organisations context and culture.


Our consultants are backed by a dedicated team of researchers who leverage the full extent of our vast array of connections for every search. HRM's diaspora pipeline links us to tens of thousands of Irish executives overseas. We search a diverse range of talent pools through our formal and informal networks.


Our fist level screening programme discreetly evaluates long listed executives against your need. We assess candidates career paths, achievements and likely mobility before making our initial approach. Good search is an iterative process and during this stage we help to redefine the target candidate to leverage more value for your organisation.


We assess candidates against pre-defined competencies, evaluating leadership qualities and stretch potential. We develop and share a specifically prepared and pre-approved briefing on your organisation and opportunity. As we move further into conversation, we evaluate a wide range of candidate motivations to gain further insight in to a likely fit.


We draw on a wide range of global leadership inventories to gain deep insight into a candidate's talent and capabilities. We frequently chair the interview events that these inventories feed in to. Our continuous investigation of drivers and background leads to a comprehensive understanding of how well a candidate will fit in your organisation.


Through continuous negotiation, we support the development of an offer, manage the resignation process and continue to build connections for the candidate with your organisation through the transition period. Beyond commencement, we remain in contact with both parties to ensure rapid integration in to the appointment.

"Great executive search results when a deep rooted understanding of need meets a highly engaged, research backed and wide spread pursuit of talent. In search, evidence is everything. Our pre-engagement process provides customers with an opportunity to fully evaluate our assessment of need and proposed strategy to meet it. The Completed Assignments page contains a list of recently completed assignments. Please ask for more information by contacting me directly. "

Michael O'Leary, Chief Executive

email: michael.oleary@hrmrecruit.com | telephone: +353 1 632 1817

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