By combining continuous research with extensive networks and knowledge, our tailored talent acquistion solutions scale new heights in talent acquisition impact. Our solutions build organisations and grow careers.


Current Assignments

We work exclusively on complex assignments at specialist, middle and senior executive levels. Through carefully structured processes, we build multi-function teams for clients, blending solutions to maximise value. Many confidential appointments are not advertised on our site, speak with a relevant specialist to learn more.


Who we are

We are the leading middle to senior executive talent acquisition firm in Ireland. Through a range of structured and custom solutions, we serve leading organisations in Health Industries, Consumer Markets, Professional Services, Financial Services and Technology sectors.


Work With Us

Discover a whole different level of performance, experience a wide range of coaching and collaborative support. Working at HRM is different; from the culture of our organisation, to the products and solutions we provide, the relationships we build and the issues we care about.

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    22 October 2019, IN articles


    Despite the demand for innovation and continuous improvement, many firms have failed to grasp the importance of curiosity as a critical leadership competency. In a previous article “Why the C in C-...

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    24 September 2019, IN Guides

    5 Ways Agile Companies Leveraging Agile Talent ...

    If we have learned anything from the continuous line of sociopolitical and economic shocks facing all organisations, its how to do more with less. The ability to respond effectively in a highly dyna...

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    04 September 2019, IN Guides

    Say It To My Face

    Five steps to high performance through effective feedback events. The value in providing feedback to employees and team members remains one of the most contested topics in HR practice. Opinions are...

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    15 July 2019, IN articles

    The Top 4 Reasons Professionals Choose Another ...

    The continuous change in employer and employee relationships can be challenging to navigate. Not driven by economic factors, this transformation follows new “norms” in how differently lives are tod...

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    24 June 2019, IN articles

    Pride 2019

    A Bag of Bones, Blood & Body Parts Being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer doesn’t make you any better at your job. It doesn’t guarantee that you are a better human being or kinder to yo...

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    17 June 2019, IN articles

    Where Ego, I Go

    Managing risk to organisation performance from egocentric leaders. Has there ever been a moment in history when unabashed and untethered ego has been so nakedly on show? In the US, Republican strat...

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    14 May 2019, IN Guides

    4 Competencies of Great Procurement Leaders

    A substantial change in how consumers acquire goods and services has made procurement a central strategy for many firms. Even for companies whose strategies lie elsewhere, procurement has shifted f...

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    25 April 2019, IN articles

    3 Most Dangerous People In Staffing

    While winning and retaining customers is regarded as top priority for most companies, many describe recruitment as their most difficult challenge. The ability to attract and retain talent into key ...