By combining continuous research with extensive networks and knowledge, our tailored talent acquistion solutions scale new heights in talent acquisition impact. Our solutions build organisations and grow careers.


Current Assignments

We work exclusively on complex assignments at specialist, middle and senior executive levels. Through carefully structured processes, we build multi-function teams for clients, blending solutions to maximise value. Many confidential appointments are not advertised on our site, speak with a relevant specialist to learn more.


Who we are

We are the leading middle to senior executive talent acquisition firm in Ireland. Through a range of structured and custom solutions, we serve leading organisations in Health Industries, Consumer Markets, Professional Services, Financial Services and Technology sectors.


Work With Us

Discover a whole different level of performance, experience a wide range of coaching and collaborative support. Working at HRM is different; from the culture of our organisation, to the products and solutions we provide, the relationships we build and the issues we care about.

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    31 March 2020, IN Guides

    Four Essential Actions To Lead Your Team Effect...

    When you are first promoted, it’s exciting and daunting. Leading others or leading bigger teams, if you are stepping up a leadership level, is a privilege. When business is good or service demand h...

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    25 March 2020, IN Guides

    Five Lessons For New Leaders On How To Face A C...

    A week after I set up HRM in 1992, An Post went on strike. The banks went on strike. Within a year, two of the largest technology employers, Digital Equipment Corporation and Prime Computer, closed...

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    06 March 2020, IN


    International Women's Day 2020. We are proud to be celebrating International Women's Day this year at HRM. In order to start a conversation about the day we interviewed a number of people within th...

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    04 March 2020, IN Guides

    The Robots Aren't Coming, They're Already Here

    3 ways in which automation demands higher value behaviours from employees. Thirty years’ ago, heart stent implantation surgery was a significant medical event for a patient followed by several week...

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    03 February 2020, IN Guides

    Supply Chain Talent | Challenges & Opportunities

    HRM recently undertook a survey of over 1,000 supply chain professionals, where we explored the challenges and opportunities they felt were most prevalent in the industry. ​Having delivered talent ...

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    10 January 2020, IN Guides

    Only Hire Leaders Who Are Soft

    The four essential soft skills of leadership competence. Sir John Harvey-Jones, the larger than life former Chairman at ICI who was arguably the first pin-stripe celebrity, was horrified to discove...

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    20 December 2019, IN articles

    This New Year, make a really exciting resolutio...

    We are looking for 15 new consultants and additional colleagues in key supporting functions. Our purpose is to bring the very best leadership and professional specialist talent to our clients. So i...

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    22 October 2019, IN articles


    Despite the demand for innovation and continuous improvement, many firms have failed to grasp the importance of curiosity as a critical leadership competency. In a previous article “Why the C in C-...