We deliver into your Business Critical Roles by combining rigorous research with extensive networks and knowledge. Our added value talent acquisition solutions scale new heights in talent acquisition impact. Our support builds organisations and grows careers.


Current Assignments

We work exclusively on complex assignments at specialist, middle and senior executive levels. Through carefully structured processes, we build multi-function teams for clients, blending solutions to maximise value. Many confidential appointments are not advertised on our site, speak with a relevant specialist to learn more.


Who we are

We are the leading middle to senior executive talent acquisition firm in Ireland. Through a range of structured and custom solutions, we serve leading organisations in Health Industries, Consumer Markets, Professional Services, Financial Services and Technology sectors.


Work With Us

Discover a whole different level of performance, experience a wide range of coaching and collaborative support. Working at HRM is different; from the culture of our organisation, to the products and solutions we provide, the relationships we build and the issues we care about.

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    11 June 2020, IN articles

    Post-Covid Leadership

    Four essential post-pandemic changes for line managers We face an ambiguous future. As the economy reopens, leaders are addressing their toughest challenge yet, how to bring employees back safely w...

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    28 May 2020, IN articles

    Why HR is a new Frontline

    The years that followed the banking crisis saw HR leaders and functions in most organisations grow in strategic influence. While that period wreaked economic havoc on businesses, the social impact ...

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    21 May 2020, IN articles

    From Now To Next

    5 Questions for Leaders to ask as businesses begin to return. This is my third global recession and by far the worst. This pandemic and consequent economic crisis are devastating because of the app...

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    13 May 2020, IN articles

    There is Disruption

    It is scarcely believable. It is almost impossible to process. Where do you begin to make any sense of it? Like you I am sure, last Christmas when I began to think about the year ahead, I had great...

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    04 May 2020, IN articles

    Certainty in Uncertain Times

    We are experiencing and growing accustomed to new ways of working. We no longer have traditional “workplaces”. We work from home, work under restricted conditions or sadly for many, not working at ...

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    23 April 2020, IN articles

    Using Contractors to address Business Critical ...

    If we have learned anything from the last economic crisis, it’s that the use of contractors is the most consistent talent acquisition initiative deployed by firms. During periods of growth, contrac...

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    15 April 2020, IN Guides

    Vital Signs: Business Critical Hiring

    3 essential steps to getting Business Critical hires correct. For many organisations, current hiring means focussing on business-critical roles (BCR). Uncertainty can put expansionary recruitment o...

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    09 April 2020, IN Guides

    Business Critical Hiring

    Focus on essential needs only and stay ahead of a looming talent war. Acquiring human capital is always a strategic challenge. Even firms on hiring lockdowns or those with full headcount have key ro...