We deliver into your Business Critical Roles by combining rigorous research with extensive networks and knowledge. Our added value talent acquisition solutions scale new heights in talent acquisition impact. Our support builds organisations and grows careers.


Global reach

HRM is the exclusive partner in Ireland to IIC Partners, with over 450 consultants and 46 offices, IIC Partners is one of the world’s top 10 executive search organisations. Our knowledge of the Irish market, combined with IIC Partners’ international reach, enables us to identify and recruit, professionals and leaders within our specialist areas.

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    8 Essential Competencies of a Contractor

    Though core technical capability in a required field is the number one reason why contractors are hired, the organisation seeking your services is asking a whole range of other questions. In additi...

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    Financial Guide To Contracting

    Creating Higher Personal Value   Contracting is the ultimate labour market illustration of the law of supply and demand. Highly experienced professional talent resources applied to a short term mis...

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    Preparing for a High Performance Interview

    No doubt you have interviewed many candidates for positions in your function over the years. Perhaps even some undertaken remotely using online video communications. However, being the subject of t...

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    Three Essential Competencies Every Leader Must ...

    If Rob Kaiser ever picks a stock or backs a horse, go all in. Kaiser is President of Kaiser Leadership Solutions and an author on Leadership. In an article published in HBR just prior to the 2020 p...

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    Four Steps to Planning a Great Career

    As if it were needed, 2020 proved beyond doubt that even the most robust and well researched plans fall aside when the unexpected occurs. But it doesn’t need to be a tragic global pandemic to make ...

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    Preparing an Executive CV

    The old idea that your CV was a personal sales brochure is, as are such CV’s, outdated. Your resume should be an accurate reflection of your career path and learning to date, that highlights what y...

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    6 Considerations When Using Contractors

    ​High performing professional contractors bring great value and flexibility. Specific skills and experience when you need it, reduced costs when you don’t. Never before has agile resourcing, cost a...