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From Boardroom to C-suite: Redefining Leadership in Consumer Markets

From Boardroom to C-Suite: Redefining Leadership in Consumer Markets.

With the advent of new C-suite roles and the growing importance of digital transformation and sustainability, the structure of executive teams is undergoing a significant transformation, highlighting a need for a more nuanced and agile approach to strategic decision making.

This report, written by our colleagues in the Consumer Markets Practice Group of IIC Partners, explores the qualities that make exceptional Board Directors and C-suite Leaders, emphasising the need for a diverse skill set to navigate today's business landscape successfully. It discusses the evolving structure of executive teams due to these new C-suite roles, digital transformation, and sustainability concerns.

Additionally, it examines the impact of geographically distributed teams, DEI-supportive hiring practices, and talent integration from external industries. Emphasising the value of diverse perspectives and skill sets, the report highlights how they contribute to innovation, market expansion, and inclusivity.

Finally, it addresses post-pandemic organisational restructuring, emphasising the shift towards inclusive leadership that leverages collective strengths over individual "superstars."

The report concludes with a summary of its 10 key learnings. These learnings can apply to any market or organisation and are both insightful and enlightening.

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IIC Partners Consumer Markets Practice Group

Jouko Pitkänen, Senior Partner, JFP Executive Search, Helsinki.

Diane Homer, Principal, B. Riley Farber, Toronto.

Hirak Adhikari, Associate Director, Claricent Partners, Mumbai.

Francesco Tamagni, Partner, Key2People Executive Search, Milan.

Emanuele Nicora, Associate Partner, Key2People Executive Search, Milan.

Marta Chlumska, Senior Consultant, Teamconsult, Prague.

Darren Berger, Principal, B. Riley Farber, Toronto.

Alexandra Mauermann, Senior Consultant, Eblinger & Partner, Austria.

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