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Many sophisticated service organisations draw their IP and differentiation from the talent in their organisations. Competition for the best knowledge-talent and knowledge leadership therefore is intense. While our CPS practice shares many customers with our STO practice, clients generally operate in Banking, Retail, Law, Audit and Advisory sectors along with household name Consumer and Business service organisations.

Consultants within CPS work in one of four functional teams based on their expertise, including; Human Resources, Finance, Legal and Compliance, and Commercial and Marketing. They also participate in cross-functional, sector focussed groups to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaborative work projects.

CPS delivers all our solutions, chosen to reflect the best strategy to achieve a client’s need. We build leadership teams for customers and tackle many complex talent acquisition challenges, regularly identifying candidates from other jurisdictions to bring to Ireland.

The need for high performance talent in critical roles remains a constant. Locating, attracting and assessing this talent requires in-depth local market knowledge and thorough global reach. CPS provides HR Leadership and Partners, Financial Leaders and Executives, Legal, Risk and Compliance, General, Commercial and Marketing Leadership that makes real impact on our customer organisations.



Leaders from our CPS services practice Clair Schindler and Arlene Moran (pictured left) talk about the changing nature of professional roles. Schindler explains that senior financial roles have been changing for some time. "There is no room for accountants who only want to look in the rear-view mirror. Roles have become more commercial, driven by the greater availability of data for forecasting, predication and scenario modelling". Moran says that "in many ways, HR has followed a similar path. Traditional HR roles just do not add enough value. The move to business partnering around 10 years ago, placed HR into an advisory rather than tactical position. To partner effectively, executives need to understand the business considerably better. The integrated use of data has also evolved and grown value from all professional functions with the use of HR analytics being particulary wide spread." Moran explains that "data really impacts HR’s capacity for quick change, becoming more agile and reading future needs of the business more accurately."

Schindler talks through the challenge for financial leaders against the backdrop of so much economic and political uncertainty which directly impacts Irish businesses. "The only thing you can accept with any confidence is the need for effective risk management. Data again is the key here as you cannot rely on historic data for decision making but need to have real time information flows. We see clients demanding that their finance teams deep dive the data and surface only what the business really needs to know, rather than shipping 50-page reports that no one has the time to review, nevermind act on. Great Finance functions possess real commercial acumen."

This need for fluidity resonates with Moran for HR functions too. "Though the concepts of culture, engagement and values have been around for years, they were paid lip service to in many organisations until five years ago. Now however, purpose is at the centre of our clients’ HR related activity from Talent Attraction through performance to Reward."

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    Arlene Moran

    Director - Corporate & Professional Services Practice

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    Clair Schindler

    Search Leader - Finance - Corporate & Professional Services

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    Trish Horan

    Associate Director - HR - Corporate & Professional Services

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