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Though both our practices STO and CPS work for shared customers, STO’s core segments include Life Sciences, Technology,  Engineering, Food and other Industrial markets. Consultants within STO work in one of four selection teams; Science, Engineering, Technology and Supply Chain Operations, reflecting their background and expertise. Consultants also participate in cross-functional, sector focussed groups to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaborative work projects.       

STO delivers each of our solutions, chosen to reflect the best strategy to achieve a client’s need. We build leadership teams for customers and tackle many complex talent acquisition challenges, regularly identifying candidates from other jurisdictions to bring to Ireland.

The need for high performance talent in critical roles remains a constant. Locating, attracting and assessing this talent requires in-depth local market knowledge and thorough global reach. STO enagages Science Leaders and Specialists, CTO’s and Senior IT,  Supply Chain and Operations Leaders, and Engineering Leaders and Technical Specialists, that make real impact on our customer organisations



STO leaders Ciaran McCaughey and Shane Browne (pictured left) describe factors in attracting and hiring senior executives for technical or operational roles. "The quality of the product pipeline is a key determinant for leaders in Science, it can make or break an offer acceptance" Browne explains. "We see highly experienced function leaders also looking for paths in to General Management. Real commitment to operational efficiency is the first issue Supply Chain leaders seek out in a potential new organisation" comments McCaughey. "Supply Chain efficacy is a precision sport, consistency, accuracy, resource maximisation are essential components. Everyone likes a challenge, but few want to fight a losing battle."

Browne explains that all Science sectors have changed remarkably in the last 5 to 8 years. "Start-ups are more common and leaders in that environment must have a different mindset to succeed. It attracts the type of executive who is particularly growth focussed, who enjoys the challenge of building something new rather than the function head who is more comfortable having already established resources all around them."​


McCaughey agrees that a lot has changed and highlights "the intense pressure on medical device firms from lost cost production in the Far East, which like a lot of challenges, has led to great innovation, in this case 3D printing. But margins are lower and no one wants expensive materials or finished products sitting idle. Strong Supply Chain and Operational leaders want to work in a commercially connected team."

Both leaders say that the key to driving efficient and successful hiring processes means looking harder, assessing more deeply, spinning up your hiring processes to make them more efficient and doing a lot more to tell your story in order to attract the right people. "Some firms seem to forget during their hiring processes how competitive good talent attraction is. Other firms are also looking for the same talent and the executive’s own firm does not want to lose those skills."  

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