Supply Chain Talent | Challenges & Opportunities

by HRM

HRM recently undertook a survey of over 1,000 supply chain professionals, where we explored the challenges and opportunities they felt were most prevalent in the industry. ​Having delivered talent acquisition solutions into supply chain operations for almost 30 years, we recognise it as the function that has perhaps experienced the most change over that period and that faces the most complex challenges today.


Research is the cornerstone of our services and solutions to customers. It ensures our selection practices build great knowledge and create additional value during all engagements. This report is the first in a 2020 series of six, that snapshots professionals in their field, the obstacles they must overcome and the opportunities they seek to leverage. A brief analysis of their sectors, roles and careers is contained in the data shared.


Download the report now.


For assistance within this function, contact Ciaran McCaughey, Director of Supply Chain, Technology & Operations, on ciaran.mccaughey@hrmrecruit.com today for an in-depth discussion into your organisation's needs.

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