As many of our searches are confidential, not all assignments are advertised. If you don't see an opportunity of interest please get in touch to explore other potential opportunities.

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Consulting Roles and Competencies

HRM Search Partners

We are a unique search and advisory firm in Ireland. For over 30 years we have pioneered executive and specialist talent acquisition and advisory services. Our research backed processes ensure we deliver the best talent not just the easiest candidates to reach.

Working throughout Ireland, our team of 40 Consultants and Researchers operate across three focused practices. We are a member of the IIC Partners organisation, a multinational network of 450 Consultants that extends our international reach. Working in close partnership with customers, you will deliver business critical and leadership talent for our customer’s permanent and contract / interim talent needs. You can find out more about who we partner with if you.


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Your Consulting or Specialist Business Role

When recruiting in to our own firm, we look for four fundamental attributes. For Consulting hires, we recruit professionals with and without prior talent acquisition experience. Your Specialist Business role with us may be in data analytics, research, marketing or finance. For either, you should demonstrate:

1.      Passion for Purpose

2.      Enthusiastic and analytical problem solvers

3.      Commitment to Team

4.      Desire for competency growth and influence

Employees in HRM Search Partners work a hybrid week or full time from a home office in some situations. . We operate a highly flexible culture; your work must fit in with your life and not the other way around. In addition to your client work, you will participate in a continuous development project team, which provides you with an opportunity to shape our organisation and your experience with us. At hiring meetings with us, we look for the following:

1.      Your ability to be responsible for your own your outcomes.

2.      Great communication and relationship building skills.

3.      Your collaborative working ability.

4.      Strong organisation and planning skills.

5.      Your commitment to continuous learning.

If you would simply like to know more about working at HRM, perhaps meet a current employee to explore whether it is right for you.

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