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Successful Contracting

Being an in-demand Contractor, Interim Executive of Fractional Executive

The motivation to work as a contractor varies from professional to professional. Many enjoy the greater flexibility contracting affords; others recognise the premium that contractors are generally paid and enjoy some tax benefits. Long term contractors enjoy the variety of challenges and environments that each new engagement presents and the opportunity to expand their critical skills. Fractional Executives, who spend their working weeks in two or three different organisations are generally highly experienced and enjoy the challenge of address multiple challenges, often across different industry sectors.

However, contracting is not for everyone. It is less secure than permanent employment, demands specific competencies and there is the additional personal accounting administration to look after. Good contractors have the right commercial attitude, are comfortable with change and can assimilate into new environments very quickly. They generally have a flair for self-marketing, online in particular.

For the professionals involved in any type of flexible delivery, the benefits are clear. For organisations, access to these agile professionals provides accelerated outcomes at remarkably similar outlay to permanent employees. Each month we add new content on how to ensure your experience as a contractor is a great success. 

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