Supply Chain Search Consultant

Posted 14 September 2021
LocationDublin, Dublin City, Leinster
Job type Permanent
DisciplineWork with HRM
ContactHRM Careers

Job description

We're interested in talking to people who work in the supply chain community about applying their skills in a new way and working with us. If you are interested in taking your career in a different direction, a career in search might open up some interesting possibilities for you. Right now, as we slowly emerge from the pandemic, many are questioning whether what worked for them as employees before will work for them now. With good cause too. For lots of us, work cannot be the sole centre-point of our lives. It needs to be balanced with family life and our other interests. Many career paths and employers still do not recognise this, but at HRM we do.

The type of person that typically suits this career path is usually competitive and people oriented. Several of our consultants started their working lives as supply chain employees but felt their target orientation and natural competitiveness were not satisfied, so they came to work here. They are all highly engaging and people focused.

We have worked hard to help the team develop these skills further. With our employees we focus on developing competencies such as influence, mediation, relationship management and communication. The technical skills they have gained in their career in supply chain are put to work too as these are essential for developing client relationships. We also engage all our employees in our Continuous Improvement programme, participating and leading project teams. The natural curiosity and methodical approach that supply chain teaches, works brilliantly for driving improvement and change initiatives at HRM.

We place the well-being of our employees at the heart of everything we do. Never has it been so important. Our hybrid working model allows for 3 days working from home. The 2 days we all spend gathered we make sure are used well - we collaborate, we train together and of course we socialise!

Our Well-being, CSR and Social project teams keep this agenda centre stage for us. We invest in learning and development, we have great recognition programmes, good annual-leave and many other benefits.

This option may not suit everyone but if you feel a strong inclination towards change and a desire to gain more control, then this is a wonderful opportunity for you to consider and we'd love to hear from you.