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Speed is essential when short term talent demand arises. Borne from change projects, bottlenecks or increased work loads, rapid talent capacity growth is best met through ready-to-go professional contractors. Agile talent is the most cost effective manner to address gaps when they arise. Skills when you need them, cost off loaded when you don’t.

Contract & Interim Solutions at HRM is an immediate response to your short-term professional talent needs in all general and functional, leadership and specialist, areas. We deliver high quality and experienced, interim leaders and professional contractors, for standalone or team-based programmes. HRM’s contractor management programme gives you a single point of contact to triage new requirements, oversee their delivery and ensure a totally seamless back office experience.

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Agile professionals and leaders bring outstanding flexibility to out client firms. Far from being more costly, when structured correctly, their cost is broadly the same as a permanent employee. 

Paul Lanigan (pictured left), explains getting the most value from your contractor means being total prepared for the engagement. "We encourage clients to maximise value by creating a clear engagement objective and then to set project milestones against which progress can me objective evaluated".

"Communicate well in advance with all relevant internal stakeholders on the what you expect to achieve from the contractor's engagement" adds Lanigan. "Develop a comprehensive off-boarding process for the contractor, to ensure you capture all the valuable work product and none of the gains are lost when the contractor moves on to their next assignment". 

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