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Attracting future-ready, high performing leaders is every organisation’s primary hiring challenge. Through our own deep market knowledge, combined with the international reach of IIC Partners’, we search far and wide to bring you the best leadership talent.

Executive Search is a research centred solution that addresses complex leadership acquisition challenges. We work to understand your requirements, context, culture and structure to find the best leaders and leadership teams to meet your purpose and fit with your organisation. Our rigorous research and assessment programme adds to our global reach and connected networks, to deliver highly successful and lasting outcomes.

  • Full research and consulting team working with the hiring manager to establish the most desirable talent pools, organisations and locations from which to target talent.

  • Unique access to national and international networks to ensure the most comprehensive search in the largest and most relevant talent pools.

  • Four-dimensional assessment model to support hiring decisions, including customisable competency-based interview, personal statements, psychometric evaluation and technical rating.

  • High touch candidate experience to build engagement and maximise valuable feedback.

  • Cost sensitive, all-inclusive fees with extended warranty periods and added service commitments, providing annual multi-hire search programmes with additional, customisable benefits.

  • Onboarding and continuous post-placement support.

Working through three highly specialised search practices, we deliver into the most demanding assignments for standalone or multiple hiring programmes. For more information, please contact our Head of Customer, Louise Haniver | or our Chief Executive Paul O'Donnell |


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