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Great recruitment is both an art and a science. Our consultants continuously build new relationships within their networks, ready to reach for the right candidates when a customer need arises. Talent Search is our contingency solution for early to mid level specialists.

We bring the brightest professional talent to the most competitive firms. Our consultant's personal networks allow them to reach into talent pools not always accessible to others. By gaining a deeper understanding of your need, we bring your vision and the role purpose to market, attracting highly capable and committed candidates to your mid level and early specialist needs.

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Talent acquisition is always highly competitive, everyone wants the top 5% of talent. If your organisation is not set up to win, you lose. 

Arlene Moran (pictured above) an Associate Director within HRM's HR selection team talks about two areas that firms can pay attention to in order to drive more effective TA results. "Don't see recruitment as an operational problem that arises with a vacancy. Recruitment requires long term strategic perspective, from risk assessment to solution delivery, continuously ask questions in these areas."

"Experience your own application process, using the systems and resources that your firm currently deploys. Does the interaction make you feel special or feel like a number? Automation, be it integrated as part of your applicant tracking system or simply using email templates might seem efficient, but it turns off any high value candidate. The worst part is you never know what you are actually losing. Make sure to continually assess how your organisation in general comes across on social media and internet sites, including your own firms website".

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