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Values, Community, Diversity and Inclusion

Values, Community, Diversity and Inclusion

Our values are really important to us. They are core to all decisions we make, and where we go to when we are unsure about how to move forward. Our six values are enduring and threaded through everything we have done for over 30 years. They are a reference point for whom we hire, how we manage, how we interact with our community and the experiences stakeholders should expect.

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    1. Values

    2. Curiosity – We continuously search for better outcomes and how to achieve these.

    Authenticity – We are self aware and outcome oriented. If we say it, we do it.

    Empathy – We seek to understand the initial need and subsequent impact of our work.

    Ambition – Nothing is ever good enough, we deliver the best not just what is available.

    Mutuality – It works for all or it doesn’t work at all.

    Judgement – We seek out and apply knowledge to inform objective decision making.

  • Community, Diversity and Inclusion

    From environmental to community support projects, colleagues engage in wide range of socially responsible initiatives. We particularly encourage proposals from within the business as to directions that projects or initiatives may take. Often these relate to life experiences of the colleague and reflect a particular challenge for a family or community somewhere in Ireland.

    We know that diverse firms are far more effective in delivering valued experiences to all stakeholders. Aside from the blended creativity value, diverse firms are more open, innovative and engaging environments in which to work. All our assignments are undertaken with this express reference, that diversity and inclusion are essential to succeed in hiring great talent. Diverse and inclusive firm are Open, Fair, Respectful in their leadership behaviour. Their culture makes employees feel empowered, safe and valued by the organisation. We are proud to say that we work in a diverse and inclusive environment.

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Meet the Team

  • Michael O’Leary is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, at HRM and founded the business in 1992. Michael works closely with the firm's senior executives on the development and execution of business strategy and manages the advisory solutions business at HRM.

  • Paul O’Donnell is Chief Executive, leading selection activity throughout Ireland. Paul oversees all operational activity including people, performance, change and culture.

  • ​As Head of Customer, Louise Haniver is responsiblie for the development and execution of marketing strategy, customer success and relationship growth. Louise is a member of HRM's Board of Management.

  • Brian Hussey is Head of Finance and Information Systems and a member of the HRM Board of Management. In addition to the financial management of HRM, Brian is responsible for the continuous development of analytics and mission reports into the business in support of data based decision making.

  • ​As Director of HRM's Corporate & Professional Services Practice and a member of the Board of Management, Arlene manages national selection activity and leads out on senior executive HR assignments.

    Arlene Moran

    Senior Commercial Director - Corporate & Professional Services Practice


    As Director of HRM's Life Science & Engineering Technologies Practice and a member of the Board of Management, Shane manages national selection activity and leads out on senior executive life science appointments.

    Shane Browne

    Senior Commercial Director - Life Sciences & Engineering Technology Practice

  • As Director of HRM's Supply Chain Operations & Systems Practice and a member of the Board of Management, Ciaran manages national selection activity and leads out on senior executive leadership assignments.

    Ciaran McCaughey

    Senior Commercial Director - Supply Chain Operations & Systems Practice


    Paul Lanigan is Director with overall responsibility for contracting solutions at HRM. A member of the Board of Management, Paul also delivers executive level Legal & Compliance appointments.

    Paul Lanigan

    Director - Legal Selection & Contracting Solutions

  • ​Clair Schindler is a highly experienced selection lead with responsibility for senior finance appointments. Clair is a certified internal trainer and operational coach at HRM.

  • ​Aisling Clements leads a specialised engineering selection team, delivering in to life science and other high quality precision manufacturing clients. In addition, Aisling is a certified internal trainer and coach at HRM.

    Aisling Clements

    Associate Director - Science & Engineering Technologies | Engineering

  • ​Ashling Edwards is a highly experienced search leader with responsibility for senior HR and operational leadership appointments.

    Ashling Edwards

    Associate Director - Corporate & Professional Services Practice