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The ability to attract and engage the best professional talent is essential to being competitive. Most CEOs list this challenge amongst their greatest. Hiring programmes that fail, do so due to a lack of understanding as to what drives candidate decision making and the absence of organisation conditions necessary to create a great candidate experience.

Getting key hires right should never be a lottery. Too often organisations are left grappling to fill an essential role under immense pressure. The disruption caused to a firm’s progress and the undue pressure placed on other key professionals can be costly. If you are ready to transform your internal talent acquisition operations, we will improve your hiring practices, deliver greater value from your internal resources and drive out waste and cost. Built around nine moments of truth in a candidate’s experience and nine organisation conditions necessary to achieve desired outcomes, we draw on continuous labour market research to enhance your internal TA resources and achieve great hiring performance.

Our advisory team also delivers wider organisation change consulting through skilled specialists, enabling you to innovate, transform and lead. If you would like to know more, please contact Paul O'Donnell |


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