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Not all recruiting challenges require a full 360° placement model. Organisations applying strategic acquisition principles achieve great results at a lower cost by deploying a range of non-placement solutions. 

Successful Talent Attraction occurs in many ways. Our advisory team provides support to all sizes of TA challenges, from unbundled standalone search stages to helping you build sustainable in-house recruiting processes and structures. We deliver solutions that leverage your resources and minimise cost. 

From qualified talent mapping, outsourced shortlisting/qualification of your own direct applications, external assessment / bench marking to selection panel management, we understand and then customise to meet your need.

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Innovation and curiosity are the key to great recruitment solutions and winning talent advantage. 

The talent acquisition IP that 40 consultants and researchers generate, can be at its most valuable when targeted on improving a client's own recruitment processes. Michael O'Leary (pictured above) explains "to be at our most relevant to customers, we have to be able to customise solutions or part solutions and not just deliver standard market services."

"Advisory takes this to a whole new level", O'Leary adds "we take a customer's current situation, develop a full understanding of their recruitment process objective, build a solution up from a blank page and work with the customer to implement it". 

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