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Business Critical assignments are delivered through our Professional Search Solution. If you are in search of talent essential to business continuity, core to strategic development or you seek an always in demand, high value skillset, Professional Search is the perfect solution.

Unrivalled customer experience and outcomes are combined with capped and fixed search fees to deliver the best combination of service and cost values.

We target senior professional and mid leadership level candidates through an intensive research backed programme and build a highly differentiated, customer centric process around your need.

Because these are vital roles to you and candidate engagement and assessment are challenging, all Professional Search assignments are undertaken by a dedicated researcher and two consultants to ensure optimum results.

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​We’ve iterated our Professional Search programme to get behind the new challenges our customers face. Because some of the sectors we operate in have little choice but to proceed with essential hires, we have created a unique programme to ensure maximum effectiveness.

“This includes new research and acquisition processes, additional layers of assessment, extended warranty periods for even greater assurance and fixed fees. We have doubled the size of our research team and invested in bespoke technology to streamline the search process. We are taking every possible step to ensure that our customers hire great talent into critical roles and that they are comprehensively supported through the hiring process and long after the candidate has commenced.”

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