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When you need the best candidate but the skills and experience you seek are difficult to source, or other challenges such as location present, Professional Search is the essential solution. We target senior professional or mid leadership level candidates through an intensive research backed programme.

Professional Search is now our most widely used solution with clients for key mid level professional and leadership roles. A research supported product, we begin every assignment with a blank page before building out a detailed understanding of your need and engaging in a highly targeted structured search programme.

We deliver the best solution in the shortest cycle for your key mid level appointments.

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​"We use Professional Search to build high performance, multi-function teams for customers. A cross-practice internal group is created and centred around the customers hiring mission", Paul O'Donnell (pictured left) explains.  

"Often our first step is to build the client's story, so that we are fully aligned with the customers purpose when communicating consistently in to the necessary talent pools. We do this in several unique ways, because we take interim ownership of the clients employer brand during these projects." O'Donnell adds. 

"The same is true of one-off hiring engagements for customers. We use a 5 stage search model and live up to our mission to provide the very best talent to any of our client's needs, but use smart resourcing to ensure the cost differential to customers is neglible." 

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